Have you discovered a water leak in your home that is older than 24 hours? Are you buying a home and concerned about past water damage, wood rot, or the presence of mold? Do you have areas with limited airflow like bathrooms, laundry rooms or HVAC closets? Do you have a musty odor that you can not find the source of cause? Is someone living in your house experiencing unexplained illness or allergies?

If your answer is yes, there is the possibility of mold. Mold can be expected in even the cleanest and newest of homes. It is an airborne spore that only needs organic matter to grow and spread. It can be found in and on walls, floors, crawlspaces, attics, ductwork, and any other surface in your home.

Guardian Environmental can inspect, investigate, sample both air and growth, provide an assessment and/or protocol for remediation, and then a clearance to ensure that it has been properly removed and cleaned.

When it comes to mold, time is the enemy. We can respond within 24 hours to offer a solution.