Living Green

Whether you rent or own your home, you value your health and deserve to live in a healthy environment. It is easy to take for granted every breath that you take. But the air you breath is affected by chemicals, toxins, mold, and VOCs even in the cleanest of homes.

You are aware of the food you and your family eat, you make sure that everyone buckles up in the car, and you follow the Doctor's orders when ill. It is just as important that your home environment is clean and free of the toxins that affect your health. You may be surprised to see what risks you are already living with.

Guardian Environmental offers consulting services for home or business owners that desire to live in a healthy environment. We evaluate the existing conditions, air and water quality, cleanliness and the chemicals used, pest control, utilities, and safety; and offer a plan for change. Our focus is assisting you in identifying the necessary changes to ensure that you, your family, and employees are living and working in a healthy environment.