Concerned. Committed. Experienced.


We offer solutions to environmental issues relating to both commercial and residential properties. We are licensed and experienced to work with mold, general indoor air quality, asbestos, lead, radon, smoke, OSHA safety regulations, and a healthy home environment. Most importantly, we are concerned, committed, and experienced in all we do.

Homes. Schools. Hotels. Motels. Apartments. Hospitals. Office buildings. Government buildings.


Have you discovered a water leak in your home that is older than 24 hours? Are you buying a home and concerned about past water damage, wood rot, or the presence of mold? Do you have areas with limited airflow like bathrooms, laundry rooms or HVAC closets? Do you have a musty odor that you can not find the source of cause? Is someone living in your house experiencing unexplained illness or allergies?



Are you a real estate professional involved in the purchase, sale, or inspection of a home with mold? Do you need a Phase 1 Site Assessment for a commercial transaction? Are you a General Contractor that discovered mold in a remodeling job? Are you a Plumbing or HVAC company that found mold when servicing or installing? Are you the Property Management company responsible for apartments or offices with multi units? Are you the insurance company or attorney for a business or home that has environmental issues?


Living Green

Whether you rent or own your home, you value your health and deserve to live in a healthy environment. It is easy to take for granted every breath that you take. But the air you breath is affected by chemicals, toxins, mold, and VOCs even in the cleanest of homes.